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Copford Capital Management

Copford Capital Management
Copford Capital Management is a private investment vehicle and family office headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Established in 2020, Copford has focused on risk adjusted high-yield investments in the real estate, private equity, private credit, and venture capital spaces. Our dynamic and agile team, coupled with our consolidated capital source, enables us to strategically expand our portfolio and adeptly pursue investment prospects. The genesis of Copford, Navin and Rita Dimond generated their wealth and experience through the founding of Stonebridge Companies. Distinguished as an innovative hospitality management and development enterprise, Stonebridge Companies’ portfolio has grown to over 65+ properties across the United States. With over three decades of experience, our guiding philosophy revolves around uniquely positioned assets, tactical strategies, and exceptional talent. In addition to our investment and development arms, Copford partners with The Dimond Family Foundation to create lasting impact for the community and next generation of leaders.