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Blokable Operations LLC

Blokable Operations LLC
We started Blokable in 2016 to make quality housing attainable for everyone. We develop housing to force the market to work. Our unique Blokable Building System (BBS) unlocks previously unavailable efficiencies through standardized, prefab housing components called Bloks which we use to construct middle-density, multi-story residential buildings and communities. We don’t sell our Bloks into the industry; we are vertically integrated prefabricated housing developers, developing both market rate and not for profit projects. By vertically integrated the development process and leveraging our internally developed and manufactured prefabricated building system we generate enormous efficiencies in the development process and create real estate equity. The newly created real estate equity creates wealth for our business, stakeholders, and the communities we build. This is a new paradigm for housing creation and a real solution for the housing crisis. To learn more about our business model we encourage you to review our website and to watch this video: The Blokable Building System is a precise, high-performance volumetric assembly that ships from our factory as a 95% complete living unit, requiring a minimum of site work to install and finish. We use structural and non-structural steel for multi-story structure, non-combustible walls, floors, and ceilings, and have an internally engineered hardware and software platform that allows owners to monitor building safety, security, and performance in real time. We have offices in Seattle and Sacramento and currently build in our manufacturing facility in Vancouver, WA. We're continually improving as we move from construction to manufacturing, adding manufacturing processes and specifications and preparing to expand our manufacturing capacity. Blokable is well financed by world class, mission aligned investors including Vulcan Capital, Kapor Capital, Launch, Revolution Ventures, Building Ventures,, Ferguson Ventures, and others. The people of Blokable come from a broad range of backgrounds including real estate development, finance, architecture, product design, engineering, technology, law, manufacturing, and construction. We work for each other and have all joined Blokable to work every day on the housing problem. We have very ambitious goals and a clear, though challenging path ahead to force the housing market to work.